Testosterone is a hormone that is produced by testicles. It plays a huge role in the male reproduction impacting sexual and reproductive function, hair growth and muscle mass plus it has other importance such as maintaining levels of red blood cells and bone density. When a man hits thirty years, his testosterone levels start to decrease and this goes on even more as he ages.
1. Get some zzzzzs – it is not a mystery that getting a good night sleep is very important for your health so it is not that surprising that it is also important for testosterone production too. Lack of sleep may diminish the amount of testosterone that a body produces which in turn reduces fat loss and muscle growth. We spend most of our time awake because of our busy schedules not realizing that a good sleep is very crucial, so, if you want a good and healthy life, get some sleep. Meditation is also good especially for people who get anxious from their day to day activities and keep on tossing and turning during the night. You can also try taking magnesium before going to bed since it helps in getting some sleep and also increases the testosterone levels.
2. Avoid sugar intake – sugar consumption is a root cause of many diseases one of them being low testosterone levels. When you take in plenty of sugar, your insulin levels shoot, driving the glucose out of your blood. This low blood sugar will make you eat plenty of sugar which will be a cycle that may never end. Excess sugar increases body fat and the more body fat you have, the higher levels of aromatase enzymes. It also leads to high levels of stress hormones which will lower testosterone production. Though sugar is very addictive and thus very hard to stop, it might be worth a try since it leads to good health and a high testosterone production.
3. Avoid alcohol – if you have low testosterone levels, you will not be doing yourself any good if you drink alcohol. It increases conversion of testosterone into estrogen and this might be why many men get emotional after having just a few drinks. Few drinks per week won’t be that bad but when you drink every night, don’t be surprised when your doctor tells you that your testosterone levels are low.
4. Take plenty of supplements – the best supplements that are known to increase testosterone include stinging nettle root, bulbine natalensis, ashwagandha and mucuna pruriens. Bulbine natalensis helps the testes produce testosterone and convert cholesterol into testosterone. Mucuna pruriens, on the other hand, carries levels of luteinizing hormone that is a kind of signal that tells the brain when to communicate with the testes to begin testosterone production. Stinging nettle root helps to untie testosterone from the sex hormones and binding globulin so as to make it bioavailable. It also supports the kidney’s health as well as the health of prostate and liver.
5. Increase fat intake – a low-fat diet is a good way to lower testosterone production. Around thirty percent of dietary intake is derived from healthy fats like coconut butter, seeds, nuts and coconut oil. Others even work better with higher consumption of fats. A certain study once showed that coconut oil and olive oil helped in converting cholesterol into testosterone and some doctors believe that high cholesterol is an attempt by the body to create more testosterone. So, if you take in more healthy fats, you may convert cholesterol into testosterone and improve your cholesterol levels.
6. Adequate intake of minerals and vitamins – there are plenty of minerals plus vitamins that are important for testosterone production. Some of these include Zinc, Selenium, Magnesium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin D. A good diet will actually cover all these. Though it might be enough, you might need to add some supplementation for Zinc, Vitamin B, Magnesium and Vitamin D.
7. Lift weights – getting into a training program that includes exercises like squats, kettle-bell swings, pull-ups, deadlifts, weighted dips, bent over rows, overhead presses etc will help in increasing your growth hormones and testosterone levels. In any case, don’t overdo it since it might derail the benefits by increasing inflammation and stress hormones. Mainly focus on deadlifts and squats for like forty to forty-five minutes.
8. Don’t be foolish – in simple terms, take charge of your life and stop being at the mercy of other people. For example, if you are in a miserable relationship, get out. Life is too short to be miserable. Don’t look at obstacles as never-ending barriers but look at them as opportunities that will help you live your life fully. When you are only surrounded by positivity, don’t you think your testosterone levels will also increase? so, be happy and take things seriously. When you improve your health and fitness with nutrition and training, the benefits will penetrate into others.

There is nothing more ego boosting and satisfying to a man than being able to please your woman and drive her absolutely wild in the bedroom. There is much more to fantastic sex that simply learning a few tips and techniques. Sure they can help, but wouldn’t you rather be able to learn the mindsets and skillsets needed to become a fantastic lover.

Here are a few benefits from enjoying a regular, rich, healthy and fulfilling sex life:


Stress is a major factor in modern life. Many people are extremely busy and rarely have time to stop for a break, let alone think about their partner and how they are doing. Fun and me time is often the last thing on their mind. One of the benefits of stopping and making time for sex is that it is a distraction from the stresses and demands of recent life.

Cardiovascular Health

The aerobic exercise that is involved with sexual activity, particularly intercourse, is a great way to keep your heart fit and improve blood circulation. I think everyone can agree, whether you love or hate exercise, that sex is the most fun way of getting fit.

Body Health

Sex lowers blood pressure, increases your energy, alleviates joint and muscle pain, improves circulation and flexibility, strengthens muscles and bones, lowers bad cholesterol and improves the quality of sleep.


As with increasing cardiovascular health and endurance, sex is also a great way to burn energy and lose weight.

Immune System

Doctors have noted that increased levels of sexual activity are linked with a boost of certain immune cells that help your body fight against colds, flus, and infections.
Chemical / Hormones
All the hormones and chemicals released from the brain can increase your mood as well as helping ease chronic pain such as headaches, migraines, back pain as well as reduce depression, stress, and calm anxiety. Studies have also found that oxytocin and DHEA released during orgasm have properties that may aid in the prevention of breast cancer tumors forming.


As with the linked to increased hormone release, fitness, and immune system functioning, sex can increase a persons longevity.


It creates a greater sense of intimacy and connection between you and your lover which will help with experiencing a more fulfilling and satisfying relationship. A couple who are in a positive, sexually intimate relationship is often able to trust each other more easily and communicate more frankly. Sex can lead to conversations about personal, sensitive matters that may not have seemed comfortable or possible during normal busy, daily life. Post-coital pillow talk is often an important by-product of the intimacy that comes from a healthy sex life.

Self Esteem

Increases positive feelings about yourself and your self-image. This further lead to more confidence in and out of the bedroom.Personal levels of confidence often benefit when someone is enjoying a healthy sex life. Being attractive to ones mate, feeling desired and desirable enables a person to feel sexy, relaxed and more confident within themselves. Sexual confidence and satisfaction bring an appeal and attractiveness of their own. And it can fun; sharing secrets that only the two of you know. Leaving sexy notes for each other to find, wearing sexy underwear under your sharp business suit can introduce a confident buoyant spring to your step, yet another benefit of a healthy sex life.

Avoiding Sexual Addiction

Having a good sex life is clearly a key aspect to living a very healthy life. However, its important that you do not completely overdo it and become a victim of sex addiction or pornography addiction. Keeping a steady and healthy sex routine is the best way to avoid becoming overly dependent on sexual pleasure.

Lack of proper sleep will affect every single aspect of your day. It will not only lead to physical tiredness emotional unbalance, weight gain, premature aging but also increase the likelihood of a heart attack. If you are searching for a natural sleep remedy to help end your insomnia, here are some of the best natural remedies that will help ease the severity of your insomnia.



Exercising may be your last option from your tired, sleep deprived mind. studies show that doing regular exercises help with your overall health and improves sleep. By being knackered from a workout, you are going to sleep more easily.


Cognitive behavioral therapy mainly focuses on discovering and changing your feelings and thoughts which trigger stress and depression, but it can be used as a natural remedy to treat insomnia. Studies have shown that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps to retain your body and mind for a more faster and deeper sleep. Research studies in Havard University indicate that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy was more effective in insomniacs than the prescribed sleeping pills. Results show the therapy helped to cut the time the participants took to fall asleep by half and also improved their sleep quality by 17%. You can practice it at home too.


The National Sleep Foundation recommends the use of a sleep diary when going to bed waking up. Have a bedtime ritual of going to bed and waking up every day at the same time. Banishing day-time naps, introducing bedtime music with soothing melodies or reading habits will help to quiet your brain and easily prepare it for sleep.


Your bedroom is a place of resting. It is not a place to finish your office work or watch your favorite T.V. show. Electronic devices such as computers, T.V, and phone screens emit blue light that interrupts sleep. Blue light is known to prevent the release of the sleep hormone, Melatonin. Adding to this is the distraction caused by engaging T.V shows and social media.Ban all electronic devices from your bedroom as these devices only facilitate in keeping you awake.


Taking a warm mug of milk before bed is a great remedy for insomnia. Milk facilitates the release of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Honey will help to transmit the sleep hormone to the brain faster.



Valerian (herbal tea) is one of the most effective natural sleep remedies. Studies have shown that using valerian will improve your speed of falling asleep, and the quality of sleep. Valerian can also be taken as a capsule. It becomes even more effective when used over a prolonged period of time.


ONE of the old wives tales that resonates true is taking a hot bath before bed. The soothing and relaxing warm feeling of a warm bath can be the only thing that helps you to drift off. Use that time in soaking to unwind your day’s stress. You can add essential oils such as rose or lavender in your bathing water as they help to aid with a more restful sleep.


There are conflicting views on the effects of exercise on the levels of stress. Researchers have tried to explain this dilemma over the years coming up with even more contradictory results. One of the arguments depicts that there is an inverse relationship between exercise and the level of stress. The reasoning behind this is the fact that the body misinterprets the different emotions. It does this by avoiding the psychological sensations of exercise that are interpreted as anxiety and panic. This emotional contradiction is said to cause some individuals possess high levels of fear and anxiety. Therefore, more exercise reduces the stress standards for people because their emotions are directed towards on practice. However, these scholars believe that this is only for a short time and not reliable in the long run.

Other researchers, from a more medical point of view, claim that the relationship between exercise and anxiety is direct. The body produces adrenaline as one is involved in physical activity to help it be able to manage the process of generating energy. As a person participates in any form of exercise no matter how minute it might seem, they require energy to keep the muscles going. At the same time, stress has been found to escalate every time the levels of adrenaline are high in the body. As the endocrine process of providing this adrenal thrust goes up, a person has more stress because of the facilitating effects of adrenaline on stress. This effect occurs at the onset of exercises because of the massive amounts of adrenaline secreted.


Contradicting the argument on a positive relationship between stress and exercise, different researchers have revealed that the fact that lack of exercise can cause stress. This row tries to shift the parameters the other way round by making exercise the subject. With a continual secretion of hormones by the body as is the norm for standard functioning, adrenaline levels that are not used for exercise coagulate in the body. If the individual is at all troubled or worried, this adrenaline is utilized creating a heightened level of anxiety. Therefore, if a person is not involved in any physical activity whatsoever, they tend to have stress levels that are higher compared to others who exercise more often.

In summary, exercise is not the solution for relieving stress regardless of the positive impact it has in trying to reduce it. Exercise, on the other hand, can be the cause of increased anxiety levels, so it is better to have a moderate dose of it.

Here are some amazing benefits of eating a low-carb diet consisting of high-fat foods

Dieting is not easy and when an opportunity presents itself to diet in a way that will not interfere too much with our daily business, we grab it. One such diet is the low-carb high-fat diet (LCHF).

If you ask anybody who has tried to diet what the hardest part of dieting is, they will almost always mention unbearable hunger pangs as a challenge. Hunger pangs are not something you have to worry about if you go on a low-carb high-fat diet. This is because the high-fat foods that are recommended during this diet like meat, fish, eggs, and natural fats, tend to fill you up. So while you will be dieting, you really don’t have to worry about feeling starved.
This diet requires you to avoid sugars and starches. It is a good thing because your blood sugar level will stabilize and insulin production will drop. With the drop in the levels of insulin, which is a hormone responsible for storage of fats, there will be a subsequent drop in the number of fats stored in your body. Not only does the diet help you lose weight, it also helps control your blood sugar. It’s a win-win.


A low-carb high-fat diet is great because, whereas other diets have you always weighing your food and calculating your calorie intake, this diet is straightforward. You know what to eat, you know what not to eat. It is therefore left to your discretion to eat the right foods to your fill. As long as you are eating foods that have high natural fats, you’re good. You get to eat as much as you want, as long as you don’t touch the sugary stuff and the starches. Simple, straightforward, easy.

Nobody wants to start a diet and have to go to the ends of the earth looking for the right foods to eat. Another good thing about this diet is that the recommended foods are readily available. You are simply leaving out some of the usual foods you are used to eating (bread, pasta, rice, beans etc) and eating more of the foods that you are used to eating (meat, eggs, vegetables grown above the ground, fish etc). This, as diets go, is not really that hard to implement, and it is quite friendly to your pocket as well.

To crown it all, once you undertake the low-carb high-fat diet, you are assured of noting a difference in weight loss within a couple of days. Now how is that for an effective diet, right?

With the tobacco companies claiming more than 6 million people every year, it has become a global issue that has to be taken into consideration. Now when appropriate actions are being taken and smoking habits are finally being declined around the globe, the tobacco companies are battling to find a brand new alternative product that would feed nicotine addiction and are safer, without taking deadly chemicals into the human body found in ordinary cigarettes. Philip Morris, one of the best tobacco selling companies in the USA are finally requesting people to stop smoking. Stopping or quitting the old way of smoking would be difficult to the tobacco companies or their respective stakeholders. Philip Morris has generated 850 billion cigarettes last year, making a total net revenue of about $74 billion.

There also been a popular alternative known as electronic cigarettes or abbreviated as e-cigarettes which came into effect in the year 2000. It was also known as a vape. But Philip Morris has nothing to do with Vaping and they have a different approach called as IQOS. IQOS is expanded as I Quit Ordinary Smoking. The IQOS case is opened and there is a heater in the interior of the case. Into the interior, a small-sized cigarette known as HEETS is installed. The IQOS slowly provides heat to the tobacco which avoids burning it, producing a nicotine-laced aerosol.

The process is neither smoking or vaping and predominantly known as HEETing. The product, however, has become a success in many countries including Japan and Europe. The product also claims that it is safer than regular cigarettes. The product also has to be tested by the Food and Drug Administration before it can be marked as completely safer in the USA. After HEETS comes to another approach known as TEEPS. It is a product that looks a lot similar to the usual cigarettes. It uses up tobacco and instead of lighting them up with fire directly, the users light up a carbon tip that heats the tobacco inside.

The relish and nicotine provided by HEETS and TEEPS are much more identical to the regular cigarettes than to electronic cigarettes. Hence these products fix the smokers problems related to vaping products. A third product known as STEEM is present and it merges nicotine and an organic acid which is weak in nature to produce nicotine salt and is inhaled without vapor.

There is a fourth one known as MESH and is an ordinary electronic cigarette using savored nicotine liquid. Philip Morris has consumed more than $3 billion on its post-cigarette process. However, all these products are not at zero risk.

Let’s face it, almost everything we eat contains sodium. This is especially true for people that eat fast food, or any kind of processed food such as chips, cookies, soft drinks, and even soups. Currently, the daily recommended sodium intake is 1,500 to 2,300 mg. However, it is said that the average American actually consumes almost 3500 mg of sodium. Now we shouldn’t just jump to conclusions, but it seems that there may be a correlation between high sodium intake and the not-so-recent recent obesity epidemic that has plagued the health of so many Americans.

There are actually 2 different popular theories for why sodium may increase weight gain.

Sodium enhances the taste of food:
Have you ever wondered why you just can’t seem to put down the bag of Doritos, even when you’re not even hungry anymore? The reason for this is because of all the sodium that Doritos contain. If you haven’t noticed, salty foods seem to be the most addictive, and they’re always the ones we turn to when we want something quick and tasty. This may be the key reason why so many Americans are hooked on fast food as well. Just about every item on every fast food menu in America contains a relatively high amount of sodium, and that’s probably intentional.

Sodium makes us thirstier, and increases Water Retention:
If you’re eating foods with sodium all day long, you’re not only going to be hungry all the time, but you’re going to be much thirstier as well. This wouldn’t be a huge problem if it weren’t for the fact that sodium also increases water retention by a large margin. Have you ever seen someone who eats Ramen noodles all the time and has a really chubby or puffy looking face? That’s because Sodium tends to make you look fatter than you actually are, due to its water retention properties. Another issue occurs for individuals who don’t like drinking water and prefer soft drinks or sugary juices. These individuals are affected even more because they’re thirst is causing them to intake extra calories that often go unnoticed.

The bottom line is that if you think you’re eating a lot of salty foods, then you should start watching how much sodium you ingest and try to adjust your consumption to a healthier amount. There are also some useful herbs that you can try such as Dandelion and Parsley, which will help flush excess sodium and water from your system.

Will 100 crunches a day get you a 6pack?

Many people they think can just do ab exercises for an hour a day and get a 6 pack within a few months. The reality of this belief is that it simply isn’t true at all. Despite what the infomercial workout gurus tell you, the key to getting a 6 pack is around 75% diet. If you’re 250 pounds and you do ab exercises all day you might have a 6 pack, but what does it matter? Nobody can see your abs when they’re covered by belly flab. The funny thing is, you may already have a 6 pack but you just can’t see it. The first step most people take in getting fit is changing your diet.

Now there are some weird exceptions to the effect of diet on building muscle. Individuals who have a mesomorph body type can arguably eat whatever they want and still get jacked with minimal exercise. Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it? Ya, we all wish we could eat Twix bars all day and get a 6 pack, but lets most of us cant. If you need to clean up your diet I recommend you start by looking at what foods make up the majority of your intake. The #1 factor for obesity isn’t fat intake believe it or not. It’s actually simple. carbohydrates. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love eating Pizza, French fries, Mac and cheese, Bagels, and Subs?

There are many different types of low carbohydrate diets out there, but let’s drop the names and keep it simple. We, humans, are designed to eat food that is in its natural state and provides quality sources of energy that comes from the original source, the sun. Is a bagel with cream cheese a good source of energy, and in a natural, fresh state? Of course not. Simple carbs are food that’s generally highly processed and they’re not good sources of energy.

Diet and fitness isn’t rocket science, and you can be a very fit and healthy person just by following this basic law of eating naturally. You’ll feel healthier, happier, and you won’t be constantly hungry all the time due to the blood sugar spikes that simple carbs cause.

Now for some people, diet isn’t the only problem. Some people pack on a ton of body fat, but barely any muscle. This is commonly referred to as the skinny fat syndrome. People usually develop this body type by living very sedentary lifestyle (strong lack of exercise), but not overeating. When you live your life like this, your body has no reason to build muscle, and you’re not giving it enough energy to even if it wanted to. A rigorous exercise regiment is usually the only way to effectively correct this.

So if you’re trying to get a 6pack or you just want to get in better shape, consider these 2 scenarios and ask yourself which one is you. We all have different body types, and diet needs. Try to find your rhythm, and stay motivated!

Kava, or kava kava as it is sometimes referred to is the root of a plant grown in the south pacific that has been used for many years by the natives of this area. This root definitely has its recreational uses, but it has also shown serious potential to fight tumors. You may wonder why you have not heard of kava or why it isn’t a mainstream supplement if it can prevent tumors. That’s because on the flip side, kava has also been shown to cause liver damage in those who consume too much of it or consume it too frequently. The question here is doing the benefits outweigh the risks or the other way around. Let’s talk about some of the benefits as well of the risks of kava kava.

Along with potentially being able to effectively combat cancer, kava has also been shown to be helpful in treating insomnia, depression, ADHD, psychosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and it can even act as a pain reliever. Many other benefits of kava have been claimed but without strong evidence. Now with such an impressive number of useful benefits kava could seem like the miracle root.

Now let’s talk about the side effects associated with kava and why the medical industry doesn’t support it. For one, kava has very apparent recreational uses such as deep relaxation, and euphoria. It is commonly described by users as being similar to alcohol but without the clouded judgment that alcohol tends to cause. The main side effects of kava include liver damage, impaired vision, the potential for addiction, impaired driving, and possible dangerous interactions with other drugs.

Although it does seem like the negative effects and risks associated with kava use do not outweigh its benefits, we must keep in mind that in western medicine the use of herbs is not studied or supported by medical authorities and drug companies. Kava is legal and can be obtained without a prescription for recreational purposes. This means that drug companies do not benefit from its sales. Many kava advocates think this is one of the main reasons for it being so under the radar. However kava may be getting more popular, for example, just recently Chicago opened up its first kava bar and it’s actually quite the hit. As more people are exposed to the seemingly magical root and its effects we may see it pop into the headlines a bit more often.

Many who read this will probably want to know where to buy kava from. Well if you want to buy kava it’s not very hard to find as it is sold not only at local kava bars,(if there’s 1 near you) but it is widely available through the internet.

Recent studies in the UK published in the British Journal may link those who frequently eat chocolate to having a lower risk for diabetes and Heart disease. However, this isn’t a permit to go out and eat a bag of Hershey kisses every day for enjoyment. The true benefits of chocolate lie in the cocoa itself which is what gives Chocolate its unique flavor. This is why if you want to receive benefits from eating chocolate more frequently its recommended that you eat dark chocolate because it has the most antioxidants.

The UK studies were done on 1,153 people between the ages of 18-69 to study the effects of chocolate consumption. The main goal was to study how chocolate consumption effects insulin resistance(a condition where the body resists insulin leading to obesity and other complications). Insulin resistance is one of the leading risk factors for type 2 diabetes and heart disease and it normally occurs in overweight or obese people.

The studies indeed found that insulin resistance was much lower in the 81.8% of the subjects who consumed chocolate and had an average consumption of 24.8 grams daily, compared the other 18.2% who were shown to have increased insulin resistance as well as decreased levels of liver and enzyme function. All factors such as age, sex, lifestyle, and education were taken into consideration and the studies and the group who consumed more chocolate happened to be physically active, and younger than the other participants. This makes the findings very debatable as well as inconclusive, therefore further studies will need to be conducted for genuine evidence.